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[Watch] Royal Blood - "Ten Tonne Skeleton" (Official Video)

Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, better known as Royal Blood, exploded onto the music scene this year and deliver, for me, a musical highlight of the year with their self-titled debut. If you like riffs they've got you covered. If you like noisy two pieces, they've most definitely got you covered. If you like guys in leather jackets, yup, they've got your back. They've also now added cinematic official videos to their résumé with a great looking accompaniment to "Ten Tonne Skeleton". Check out the clip above and if you haven't already, go pick up their album. You won't regret it. I promise. 

If you're feeling super hyped about these two, and this track in particular, and would like to add to your 7" collection, the 7" single featuring B-side "One Trick Pony" will be released on December 1st.

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[Watch] Royal Blood - "Little Monster" Live on Jools Holland

It takes quite a lot to keep me up after 10PM on a work night these days. Some might say I'm a boring mother effer who just likes to sleep a lot, and you'd be right. But one reason I will always try and make time for is Later... with Jools Holland. Especially when one of the only bands to have me excited for some new music at the moment are performing. I don't mean music in general. I mean a band that are just starting to make waves with only a handful of songs under their belt, and that band for me right now is Royal Blood. The two piece took to the late night TV slot and performed with gusto, a rendition of "Little Monster" that just about had me foaming at the mouth. It could be that lack of sleep does that to me though, who knows. These guys are going places. Swagger and groove that will rock you right into next week, and that bass work is just divine. Check out their incredible performance below and look out for more later in the week. 

[Watch] Royal Blood - "Little Monster" (Official Video)

I got super excited last month upon hearing Royal Blood's new jam "Little Monster" and now the Brighton boys have offered up the official video to go along with the riff heavy slog. This band are destined for big things. Huge things in fact, yet the clip for the track shows where they are now, touring smaller venues around the UK. Heck, later in the year they open for Arctic Monkey at their two huge Finsbury Park shows! This clip however shows footage of the band playing in Sheffield recently, and it does a damn fine job of showcasing the energy these guys have on stage. The sweaty, head shaking crowd does its part to help out too of course. My mind just got a little more blown by the fact these riffs are coming from a Mike Kerr's bass guitar!

Check it out below and look out for more from these gents in the coming months. 

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[Listen] Royal Blood - "Little Monster"

I've said it before on here, but I'll say it again. I bloody love noisy two piece outfits and it looks like I've found my new favourite band. Humbling from Brighton, Royal Blood somehow manage to blur the lines between a rough and raw while sounding smooth and polished all at the same time. It's bloody magic ear candy if you ask me. They sound like an amalgamation of any a band and it's safe to say I'm excited to hear more from them in the coming months. I'm going to stop rambling now though 'cause you guys need to stop reading, and start listenin'!

Their latest offering is titled "Little Monster" and it's available to download now. You can peep their previous track "Out of the Black" here. Both are worthy of being on repeat for hours on end.

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