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[Watch] The Postal Service's Decade-long History Chronicled in New Documentary

The Postal Service have been the focus of a lot of attention this year. Their reunion was a surprise for many, as the band—Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello and Jenny Lewis—released only one album, Give Up, and that was ten years ago. It seemed like the project would live on solely through that record. That, of course, changed, and this year has seen them headlining festivals, selling out arenas and proving that, ten years later, The Postal Service still means something. That feeling is central to The Creators Project's new documentary. Directed by Justin Mitchell, the short film examines the history of the group, from the release of Give Up to their recent resurgence. It's incredible to see the impact they have had, despite not existing as a group for so long. Watch below and transport yourself back to 2003.


Speaking on the film, Mitchell describes what he hoped to achieve with his aesthetic direction:

I've been looking for a project to use prisms on for a while and much like the multiple frames, I think they help to support the story of the band. For me the prisms represent a gathering of all the disparate energies that propelled the album upwards and onwards during the last ten years. The band might be the center of the image and the focus but for ten years they allowed Give Up to live its own life and somehow, all that outside energy resulted in a platinum album. Now, as Ben says, they get to reclaim it and I think the prism (which just looked so much cooler in slow motion) helps to show that."