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[SKOA Presents] The Freeze Tag - "The Vision" (Video Premiere)

Straight from the recently made available EP from The Freeze Tag titled Hamster Kid comes this video for "The Vision". As you may already know, The Freeze Tag is the collaboration of Brooklyn MC Bisco Smith with production from Cassettes Won't Listen. The duo, along with the assistance of visual elements from world-renowned street artist Bishop 203 and director Vidoli of Blackwolf, were able to develop a concept EP that was based on the character Hamster Kid, who is the underdog of underdogs.

Hamster Kid fights to stay true to himself while overcoming pressures from peers, naysayers, and society at large. He goes from escaping an opressive undeground corporate complex to finding solace and strength in the optimism of the big city where he rediscovers himself and the aspirations that lay dormant for so long. From there, our hero makes his leap towards the outer expanse in search of the final freedom he has ultimately strived for.

According to the duo, "'The Vision' is about the idea of a new day, shining light on a brave new world, and feeling like that new day -- that new world -- is filled with limitless possibilities. What it brings is completely unknown; the future is uncertain, and this song fully embraces that.”

I have personally been really enjoying this track. It's really motivational and the visuals that accompany this song truly hit the theme as you see Hampster Kid take on the city. This video hits home to me especially because I know what it's like to stare onto the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn trying to prepare yourself to take on the obstacles in front of you.

Be on the lookout for the other videos from The Freeze Tag as there is one for every track on the five-song EP, which you can check out in the player below along with remixes.

The Freeze Tag - Hamster Kid by Daylight Curfew