[Listen] A Day To Remember - "2nd Sucks"

After we posted the first single from What Separates Me From You a few weeks ago we have our second preview of A Day To Remembers 4th studio album. The track is way heavier than "All I Want" which should put a few minds at rest that the album was going to be a big step away from their earlier works. "All I Want" is out now and you can pick it up over on iTunes. As mentioned in the previous post about ADTR they are keeping us entertained prior to the albums release which is set for release on November the 16th, with studio updates/teasers. In true form the videos are pretty funny to watch and in the latest offering you can check out Alex laying down the drum tracks whilst listening to NWA. GOLDEN EAGLE!. Listen to "2nd Sucks" after the jump but hurry it's only going to be streaming for 2 more days.