[Listen x Download] Beady Eye - "Bring The Light"

I was never a huge Oasis fan and considering I live in Manchester that may raise a few eyebrows but I wouldn't then go as far to say I didn't like them... So last summer when it came out that the band had broken up after a few problems at big homecoming shows in Manchester I wasn't overly bothered. So as you can imagine when Liam quickly announced his new venture Beady Eye I didn't think much of it. Especially as the rest of the band consists of ex-Oasis bandmates Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock.

Today though I must tip my hat to Mr Gallagher as the retro feel to the bands first track "Bring The Light" really took me back and I was genuinely shocked to find myself smiling and singing along after just one listen. The band have released the track for free download over on beadyeyemusic.com and the track will be on the band's forthcoming debut album, which was recorded over the summer and is set to hit stores some time next year. Listen and download the track for free below.

Update: The download links sent to email seem to be failing which I'm guessing is a result in so many people jumping at the chance to download it. So for now just listen below.