[Download] Help Patrick Stump Decide Which Version Of His New Song "Spotlight" Should Go On His Album

Pete Wentz has , Joseph Trohman and Andy Hurley are part of  and now its the former Fall Out Boy frontman's turn to go solo. Patrick Stump has been working on his yet to be titled solo album, Soul Punk (Thanks CoS! Forgot he announced that) since January of this year and has now graced us with the first song from the album titled "Spotlight". However, there is one catch, Stump has created two versions of the track and is undecided on which one should appear on the album. So he's leaving the power in the hands of the fans to decide. You can check out both version of "Spotlight" below and then when you made your decision, head over to Stump's website to vote on which one should make the album. IMO I like the (Oh Nostalgia) version more than the typical dance version which is (New Regrets).

Patrick Stump - Spotlight by Some Kind of Awesome