[Watch] Gruff Rhys - "Hotel Shampoo" x New Album Details

Gruff Rhys has announced that he is to release his third solo album Hotel Shampoo at the start of next year on February 14th (how romantic). We got a taste of the albums direction with lead single "Shark Ridden Waters" last month along with a pretty cool video. If we thought that was a cool idea check out what he's done now, creating an art installation using only bathroom samples and items that he's gained over the years of travelling around the world playing his music. You can see a video up top of him making the piece. If you want to, you can even go see the installation at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, Wales if you happen to be in the area! Hotel Shampoo looks like it could be an interesting listen and it will be the first album since 2007's Candylion another one for the new calendar come New Year. Track listing for the album is after the jump.


Hotel Shampoo:

Shark Ridden Waters
Honey All Over
Sensations In The Dark
Vitamin K
Take A Sentence
Conservation Conversation
Sophie Softly
Christopher Columbus
Space Dust
At The Heart Of Love
Patterns Of Power
If We Were Words (We Would Rhyme)
Rubble Rubble

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