[Listen] Former Rapture Bassist Mattie Safer Release Christmas Tune

While we wait on some new tunage from indie dance rockers The Rapture, former bassist Mattie Safer released a solo X-Mas tune titled "O Holy Night". You can hear the track after the jump but first some words from Safer himself discussing the track.

I’ve included several different versions here.  First, the main mix.  It’s a Christmas song and as such it’s a little different, a little special, and thus not entirely representative of what I’ve been up to (anymore so than “Christmas In Hollis” is representative of what Run DMC’s entire catalog sounds like)., but it is probably indicative of a certain aspect of what I’ve been up to, and I like it.  We been calling it “Future Gospel” for laughs, you can call it whatever you like…

I’ve also included a more traditional version, which features voice and guitar.  This one is perhaps a bit more “Christmas-y.”  More appropriate perhaps for the Christmas Eve fireside set.

Finally, I’ve included the acapella and instrumental tracks as tools for those of you who like that sort of thing.

If you dig them, you can purchase the tracks here. Shouts to Music For Perfect People for the heads up.