[Watch] Dessa perform "Go Home" and "Seamstress" live on KEXP

Those that know me know I am giant Doomtree supporter. I've been a fan ever since I was turned on to P.O.S. and Sims' first albums, Ipecac Neat and Lights Out Paris. I saw these guys live and they blew me away and were the most humble dudes I ever met. That goes for the whole crew as well, its a big family who have the most loyal fan base in the world and make some of the best original music i've ever heard. That includes the group's female poet, singer and vicious but sweet lyricist Dessa. For that don't know and have been sleeping in a cave for the last few months, Dessa just recently released her amazing multi-genre (seriously it is because it can't be labeled) album titled, "A Badly Broken Code" and has been on the road with P.O.S with Plain Ole Bill, Grieves and Budo, F. Stokes and Astronautalis in support of this new record.

She was recently on KEXP (as show above and below) playing some tracks from the record in which we highly suggest you watch and if you're feeling we implore you to pick up a copy of her latest album along with any Doomtree album here. We also suggest you catch these talented individuals on the road at any point in time. You will not regret it. Check out Dessa's KEXP sessions for the songs "Go Home" (above) and "Seamstress" (below).