[Download] New Lupe Fiasco off LAZERS "Love Letter To The Beat" x "Horn Synth" (Snippet)

Our buddies at Theneptunes.org just unveiled 2 new Lupe tracks off his upcoming album, L.A.Z.E.R.S. (Love.Allways.Shines.Everytime. Remember.the Smile.). The first track is titled "Love Letter To The Beat" which is produced by 1/2 of The Neptunes, Chad Hugo and features R&B singer Alicia Keys and the second is "Horn Synth" which is produced by both member of The Neptunes and features Pharrell.

According to Lupe himself, we should be getting a release date for the album by next week.

Lupe Fiasco - Love Letter To The Beat

Lupe Fiasco - Horn Synth feat. Pharrell (Snippet)