[Download] Moby "Gone To Sleep" Feat. Kelli Scarr (Album Version & Acoustic Version)

Last Winter Kelli Scarr (one of the featured vocalists on the album Wait For Me) joined Moby for a recording session for NPR's Project Song. The outcome was Gone To Sleep a brand new track, written, recorded and mixed in one day and inspried by a photograph by Phil Toledano and the words Sunday and Flight

NPR where there to document the whole process, you can watch it now at npr.org here. This one is definitely not what I was expecting to hear from electronic music expert Moby but its a breath of fresh air.

[Download] Moby - Gone To Sleep Feat. Kelli Scarr (Album Version)

[Download] Moby - Gone To Sleep Feat. Kelli Scarr (Acoustic Version)