[Download] Bloc Party's Kele Drops 2 Jams Off Upcoming Solo Album

Earlier today, Bloc Party frontman Kele posted some new tunes on his blog from his upcoming album The Boxer. The new jams, "Rise" and the album opener "Walk Tall" both produced by Spank Rock/Fully Fitted prodcuer XXXChange are pretty awesome but not quite as catchy as his first single "Tenderoni." However, don't count these tracks out yet (mainly cause I think Tenderoni is an awesome song), "Rise" sounds like something that could have been featured on a Bloc Party album and "Walk Tall" is a bit different from both and just needs some further listening to warm up to. Nonetheless, we are truly loving the songs put out thus far and can't wait to hear the rest of the LP.

The Boxer is out June 21 in the UK on Wichita/Polydor and June 22 in the U.S. on Glassnote.

[Download] Kele - Walk Tall

[Download] Kele - Rise

[Bonus Download] Kele - Tenderoni (XXXChange Dub) (Via RCRD LBL)