[Download] The Barnburners - The Rawboogie EP (Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys' Old Band)

STORY TIME KIDS! Once upon a time, there was a man named Dan Auerbach who was a member of a band called The Barnburners. The Barnburners were a blues-based band that performed in Northeast Ohio clubs and released an album called The Rawboogie EP. The band consisted of Auerbach, Jason Edwards and Kip Amore. The Barnburners Auerbach later became the guitartist/vocalist in a little Akron, OH band called The Black Keys who are now of the biggest bands out today.

But guess what boys and girls? We have something special for you today courtesy of The Steam Engine. In The Rawboogie EP by Auerbach old band The Barnburners! Nice right? The album includes the Junior Kimbrough song "Meet Me in the City", which Auerbach and buddy Patrick Carney later covered with The Black Keys. Check out the album below.

The Barnburners - The Rawboogie EP (Dan Auerbach's old band) by Some Kind of Awesome