[Download] Das Racist - "Mira Mira" x "Hahahaha JK" (bhts Remix)

Last night Das Racist let loose this cover of Albe's "Mira Mira" via twitter. It's a left over tack from their mixtape Shut Up Dude and has the usual DR feel. Grab yourself the download below and let the Brooklyn boys brighten your day.

As well as this though we have a funky remix of "Hahahaha JK" from Brainbheats. Starts of all funked up and mellows into a slow beat in the middle and adds back in the funk bass to finish. Enjoy both tracks below.

Das Racist- "Mira Mira" by Some Kind of Awesome

Das Racist - Hahahaha JK (bhts rmx) by brainbheats

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