[Download] The Streets - 'Cyberspace and Reds'

The Streets aka Mike Skinner recently posted his pre-album Cyberspace and Reds on the net earlier today. However, in order to obtain this record, he sent fans on a scavenger hunt for one special item. First, fans that had access to iphones were requested to download the ‘mike scanner’ app for the iphone from the apple app store. This app would allow them to scan the 1st part of the puzzle, which was a barcode located on Mike's recent blog post. The final step was to obtain a scan of the barcode located on a 300g tin of tomato soup by Heinz. Once completed, you would be prompted to enter in your email address for the album.

Of course, we aren't gonna make you go through all of that to listen to the record. Especially, since you need an iPhone and need to locate a can of tomato soup from the UK. However, we aren't going to post a link for the download of the record because that would ruin all the fun of Mike's little challenge. So, you can listen to the album below and then if you really want the album you can always attempt at it. Hell I don't live in the UK but was able to locate the pieces needed via some dedicate fans on Twitter. So good hunting. If you find it, you can post a link in the comment section. Mike even stated, "Sorry to all the haters on android and blueberry but you will have to wait for it to leak onto torrentshare" but sharing it here works as well. ;)

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