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[SONG OF THE DAY] The Streets - "Call Me In The Morning (feat. Chip & Grim Sickers)"
still taken from the “Call Me In The Morning” music video

still taken from the “Call Me In The Morning” music video

I hope you missed me because I def missed having this moment of geeking out every day even if my days were crammed full of quality hangs with my big brother.


Y’all The Streets are actually going to be releasing a new album next year and I’ve been so emotional ever since I heard the news. 😭😭😭

Awhile back, Streets mastermind Mike Skinner informed us in his interview with Q that we should be keeping an ear out for this new single, “Call Me In The Morning”. Last week Skinner gave us so so much to be thankful for by finally unveiling the track along with an accompanying video.

In addition to the new single, Skinner has also promised us a mixtape in 2019 in addition to playing a string of music festivals and releasing a film, which apparently was one of the main reasons he quit doing The Streets to begin with. As Skinner explained to Mr Porter in an interview back in March, “The reason I finished The Streets was to make a film, and the reason I started The Streets up again was to make a film.” The film, which has a lofty but all familiar title for true Mike Skinner stans: The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light, which was the side project he used to release 19 tracks over the course of last year. At any rate, the film is allegedly, “a Streets musical, like Casablanca but not as much as La La Land” but with heady dialogue a la the days of Dawson’s Creek, according to Skinner. He also shared that the script is “very like a Streets album”.

Um. This me rn:


But really tho, 2019 is gonna be my fuckin year even if it’s just because I get to stan extra hard for one of my favorite all time artists.

Do we think he’d cross the pond and do some shows in the US of A or am I really gonna have to sell some organs to get to one of these upcoming shows? I’m prepared either way tbh.

The Streets 2019 Tour Dates:
01/17 – Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy
01/18 – Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy
01/19 – Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy
01/21 – Glasgow, UK @ O2 Academy
01/22 – Leeds, UK @ O2 Academy
01/24 – Manchester, UK @ O2 Apollo
01/25 – Manchester, UK @ O2 Apollo
01/26 – Manchester, UK @ O2 Apollo
01/28 – Newcastle, UK @ O2 Academy
01/29 – Sheffield, UK @ O2 Academy
01/31 – Bournemouth, UK @ O2 Academy
02/02 – London, UK @ Academy Brixton
02/03 – London, UK @ Academy Brixton
02/05 – London, UK @ Academy Brixton
02/06 – London, UK @ Academy Brixton
02/07 – London, UK @ Academy Brixton

The Streets Announce April 2018 UK Shows -- YES REALLY
Now YOU can't unsee my all time favorite photograph of Mike Skinner either. lol.

Now YOU can't unsee my all time favorite photograph of Mike Skinner either. lol.



I am losing my goddamn mind right now. 

Earlier today Mike Skinner announced via Instagram that him and The Streets boys will be reuniting for a string of UK shows in April 2018. 

I do not wish to be a person to say I have any regrets in life, but damn my heart sure did shatter when they split and I hadn't been able to make it to any of their US shows. 

This sliver of hope is giving me this itch to do something crazy come this Friday (the 13th) like grab a pair or two now and figure out plane tickets and silly things like that later. 

Oh lorde, I feel like I'm out of my mind. 

Would you go? 

#skoaradio 11/14/2015 liner notes
"Kibbe, aren't you posting these liner notes kind of late?"

"Kibbe, aren't you posting these liner notes kind of late?"

I'm late to getting this up. Sorry. Clearly from the amount of posts I've done so far today I'm trying tog get caught up. It's a nice problem to have with 3 fire shows in a week being the root of not being able to get #content out on time.

Anyway, this is going to be the last time I put together a separate playlist for the show. That's right, from now on you'll have to scramble to pull the songs from a playlist that I'm going to be changing on the regular. This is mutually beneficial because it will force me to get these out sooner rather than later so you can snatch up the goodies I share with you.

Hope you're having a great weekend fam!



Read these things and get smarter okay?

Feel free to grab this playlist, obvi.

Some Kind of Awesome Radio - 07/11/2015
Typing up all the show notes this week for once because I love you, fam.&nbsp;

Typing up all the show notes this week for once because I love you, fam. 

YES! I'M ACTUALLY DOING SHOW NOTES FOR THIS WEEK! #sorrynotsorry but like I said in this week's episode I've been dealing with a bit of blogger burnout and even though doing the show is very therapeutic for me when you see how thorough I intend to be moving forward you will understand why I put this off for as long as I could. Again, I really appreciate those of you who listen and never get the promised show notes. NO MORE BROKEN PROMISES! Just quality #content in addition to a bunch of other new things in the works right now. 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks show! Feel free to drop a comment here or hit me up on Twitter. I'd love to hear what you thought of this week's picks!

Until next week!



BONUS JUST FOR YOU FAM! I'm also making playlists on Spotify for every single show. NO SHUFFLE THO BECAUSE THAT'S CHEATING! Additionally, as the shows become available on iTunes I will update each post with a link to the show for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! 

[Listen] The D.O.T. - 'And That' (Full Album Stream)

After keeping a close eye on the Rob Harvey and Mike Skinner project, The D.O.T., today marks the release of their debut full-length titled And That. I'm currently on spin number three of the entire album and simply can't get enough of it. There's this delicate balance between Skinner's beats roughhousing with my ear drums and Harvey's vocals making a punching bag out of my heart throughout the course of the record that keeps me connected and in tune with their whole vibe in a way that I haven't felt about a new album in months. Not to mention that the subtle changes to songs like "And A Hero", "Like You Used To" and "You Never Asked" were all the right choices as they take the tracks to a whole new level.

Don't take my word for it, have a listen to the album in its entirety below. Make sure you grab it on iTunes if you like it.

[Download] The D.O.T. - "And A Hero"

On the heels of dropping his memoris about The Streets last week, Mike Skinner gave Annie Mac an exclusive download of a track from his new project The D.O.T. that he's doing with The Music's frontman Rob Harvey. The track, "And A Hero" clicks, semi-glitches and pulsates its way into your eardrums while Harvey beautifully belts until he gets ahold of your heartstrings. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful his delivery is on this track. Holy wow. He is really singing his heart out on this one.

For those of you across the pond, Mike Skinner will be playing a DJ set at AMP @KOKO on Saturday April 14th, so be sure to head out to that.

The D.O.T. also just posted a new video diary for March. You can check that out over on their website.

[News] Mike Skinner To Release Memoirs: 'The End of the Streets'

The SKoA camp were more than a little upset when Mike Skinner announced that The Streets' album Computers and Blues was to be his last. Recently though, Mike has been back up to his old antics on Twitter and talking about all kinds of things. One of those things is his Memoirs which are soon to be released. Skinner's book will be titled The End of the Streets and was written with Ben Thompson, who's worked on autobiographical material with Russell Brand and comedian Vic Reeves in the past. It'll be available to add to your book collection come the 29th of March and comes complete with a tonne of unseen photographs from Mike's past including some old family pics. See above for a picture of Skinner on his first day of school! The pictures were given to him by his Mum and on his site, regarding the above pic, he stated: "my first day at school. and strong emotions for me because my little girl starts nursery this week. circle of life shit. lion king and that."

The 352 page book can be peeped over at so mark your calendar for a day of geeking up on Mr. Mike Skinner.

[News] Mike Skinner AKA The Streets Writes 10 New Songs For 'The Inbetweeners' Movie

With Mike Skinner only having a handful of live dates left before he calls it quits for good, he has laid down 10 brand new tracks for the UK series turned film The Inbetweeners. The tracks are the only new material fans have had since the release of his fifth album Computer And Blues earlier in the year. UK readers may well be aware of the hit series which gained a large following a few years back and it is just 2 weeks until the film is released onto the big screen. If you've never seen it you can take a look at a few bits here, but in the mean time check out the track listing for The Inbetweeners Movie OST after the jump, it also features Miles Kane and The Vines on it. Very interested to get my hands on Mike's new tracks, if we get 'em you guys will be the first to know! Thanks to NME for this little nugget of goodness.

Miles Kane – 'Quicksand'
Mike Skinner – 'No Problemo' 
Mental Holiday (From The Inbetweeners) 
The Vines – 'Gimme Love' 
Ke$ha – ‘Blow’ (Cirkut Remix) 
Introduce Yourself (From The Inbetweeners) 
Yolanda Be Cool – 'We No Speak Americano' (Radio Edit) 
Axwell – 'Nothing But Love' (Radio Edit) 
Mike Skinner – 'Fernando's Theme' 
'You're A Virgin' (From The Inbetweeners) 
Mike Skinner – 'Twenty Euros' 
Mike Skinner – 'Waving Not Drowning' 
'He Shoots He Scores' (From The Inbetweeners) 
Mike Skinner – 'Clunge in a Barrel' 
Deer Tick – 'Twenty Miles' 
Calvin Harris – 'Feel So Close' (Benny Benassi Remix) 
Mike Skinner – 'We Are Go' 
Everything Everything – 'MY KZ, YR BF' (Grum Remix) 
Mike Skinner – 'Moanatronic 5000' 
Mike Skinner – 'Whatever It Takes' 
'Two Man Job' (From The Inbetweeners) 
Mike Skinner – 'Do It' 
Sean Kingston – 'Party All Night (Sleep All Day)' 
Morning Runner – 'Gone Up In Flames' 
Mike Skinner – 'Pussay Patrol' 
'To The Pussay' (From The Inbetweeners)