[Watch] Darwin Deez - "Bad Day" Live at Break Thru Radio

Just the other day we posted up the brilliant mixtape from Darwin Deez which was titled Wonky Beats. It couldn't of been easier to get hold of, simply by showing double D some love you'd be sent an email with a zip file containing the mixtape! Today, yet again Darwin delivers a treat to fans and has just posted up a link to this video of him and his band performing their hit single "Bad Day". Performed for Break Thru Radio back in December last year it was recorded at Dubway Studios in New York City. You can head over to the BTR site to listen to the entire show featuring a few other performances of singles and album tracks including "Radar Detector", "Up in the Clouds and "Constellations".

Check it out above and if you didn't get your hands on his mixtape which features a range of guest vocalists including Kool AD from Das Racist. Grab it while it's hot and be prepared to tip your hat to Darwin rapping and name dropping anyone and anything that has ever been cool. Slappeh de bass mon.

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