[SKOA Premiere] Breanne Düren - "No One Else (Tokyo Police Club Remix)"


You may recognize Breanne Düren's tender but powerful backing vocals from when she graced Owl City's albums with tracks like "The Saltwater Room" and "Honey and the Bee" before heading out on tour to do additional background vocals with him. Düren, who had only been playing local gigs while in school at the University of Minnesota before she met Adam Young (Owl City) quickly realized while she was on tour with Young that she was born to have a career in music:

“I went from playing these low-key local gigs with a drummer and a bass player to playing electro pop songs onstage to thousands of people. It just made me feel like, ah, ok, I need to do this. This is what I’m supposed to do. I can’t do anything else and I don’t want to.”

With songs like "No One Else" from her debut EP Sparks, we certainly don't think she'll need to get a day job any time soon. The song is stripped down to basic percussion with little pop glimmers here and there, all the while carried by Düren's voice. Today we bring you the first listen of a remix of the pop-esque tune from the likes of Tokyo Police Club, who have added a playful dancy spin on the track.

Breanne Düren - No One Else (Tokyo Police Club Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome