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I’m excited to share the latest from Los Angeles pop songstress, EMM. Following her prior single, “11”, this new track, “Adderall”, tells the unfortunate story of a relationship that she was involved with earlier in her career with a person who was a drug addict. Speaking on the song, EMM explained, “This song is a reflection on some of my uneducated decisions early on in my career. I put a lot of faith in some people who valued their relationship with substances over my career, and I ultimately paid the price for it.”

Written alongside her favorite collaborators Zoe Fisher and Taylor Wilzbach, “Adderall” was EMM’s way of healing from the experience. The gritty pop number tackles the realities of the pharmaceutical world we live in and how damaging it can be – for both the users and the people who are affected by their choices. As she shared, “It was extremely hard for me because I cared deeply about the person and it’s really heartbreaking to see someone wrestle with addiction.”

[SKOA PREMIERE] Patient Hands - "The Poisoner"
Patient Hands - PR 3.jpg

Today I am very honored to share the happy news that Montreal based ambient solo project Patient Hands (born Alex Stooshinoff) will be releasing his debut full-length, Stoic, on February 15th, 2019. Along with the announcement comes the goosebumps-inducing single, “The Poisoner”, which is available for your streaming pleasure below.

The story behind Stoic is nothing short of moving. After battling a yearlong sickness and experiencing a brush with cancer, Stooshinoff felt compelled to pour himself into writing and recording the album with the ambition that he would make a record that he would be content with if he were never to record anything ever again. 

As you’ll hear in, “The Poisoner”, the result is nothing short of breathtaking. The snapshot of earnest emotion heard in Stoooshinof’s soothe strumming as his gently sings, “I am my own murderer / The ‘poisoner’/ It's that story I know / It's me / I'm holding onto shadows”, is sure to send shivers down your spine. Speaking on the album Stooshinoff says, “Stoic is a love record. It’s about enduring the dark night, and finding the courage to live with an open heart.”


  1. At Parting

  2. I Shaved My Father’s Face

  3. Anaesthetic

  4. Envelopment

  5. Say Stay 

  6. The Poisoner

  7. The Pale

  8. Something Vanishing

  9. Calm

[SKOA PREMIERE] Alae - "Home" (Official Music Video)

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Fridayyyyyyyy!!!

Fam I am happy to premiere the latest video from Auckland four-piece Alae. On its own, their latest single from their debut full-length, Henry St, “Home”, is a delicate track that speaks to loss and belonging. Today, as you’ll soon see for yourself, the newly unveiled accompanying video will challenge you to reflect on how you present yourself to the world versus who you know yourself to truly be.

There are many takeaways from the video for “Home”, but according to singer Alex Farrell-Davey, it aims to create discussions around what it is to have a life outside of your sexuality. “In my mind the idea of breaking out of jail hand cuffed to your cell mate represents leaving work,” he explained, “chained to the version of yourself that you are when you're there. To then come home and to dedicate your night to trying to break free of how uncomfortable it makes you (in an environment that's loving and comfortable).” He adds, “To ultimately be arrested by the red and blue police sirens that represent waking up to an ominous alarm, knowing you have to do it all over again.”

As you’ll see as the video progresses that the prisoner who is taken along the heartwarming reunion (played by Farrell-Davey) that there’s this slow build of loneliness and isolation that’s portrayed being unable to escape how beautiful and heartwarming the love that exists between the fellow convict, partner, and baby is. The pain in his face as he looks away, unable to embrace this other part of him as one in the same. The underlying powerful message in “Home” is that of self-acceptance and if anything, having this reminder gifted to us from a marginalized voice makes it all the more deeply meaningful.

[SKOA PREMIERE] + [SONG OF THE DAY] Niki Black - "Not Coming Up"


Just in time for a weekend that will be undoubtedly be full of Halloween parties I have a song from LA siren Niki Black that is nothing short of supernatural. “Not Coming Up”, the debut single from her forthcoming EP, wastes no time in allowing you to get to know Black, who studied feminist theology in college, as she cries out, “don’t forgive me father”, which I assume is derivative from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Whereas Christ was crying out for God to forgive those crucifying him for sinning against God, Black does not wish to seek for forgiveness, as the song is ultimately an arresting ode to her first queer relationship, which as we know, one does not need to seek any forgiveness for. “I felt the church to be central to the song’s idea of being denied entrance to heaven because of your sexuality,” explains Niki. Spoiler alert / non shocker here: Black is also tremendously involved in women’s rights and LGBT initiatives.

Her forthcoming EP, which is slated for an early 2019 release, offers up Black’s perspective on femme sexuality through her feminist theological lens. “I was enchanted by old Judaism, namely the mythology of the female demon Lilith, and how she mirrors Eve,” shares Niki. “The thousands of years of interpretations of the myths of the religious texts are goldmines in the way that they illuminate my creativity and thoughts, and also how they inform so many of our modern generation's conscience, especially when it comes to sexual politics.”

To a certain extent, the EP is like Dante's Divine Comedy, describing the journey from heaven to oblivion, or hell. “I wanted to retell that descent from a modern feminine perspective, one of the damned, which some of us may feel like sometimes, or all the time....whether it's from religion directly, from a relationship, or from yourself,” shares Niki.

Before today I didn’t have a playlist called “Songs To Sin To”, but here we are…

Have a safe weekend, fam! Happy sinning ;)

Stalking Gia Press Photo 2.jpg

F - R - I - D - A - Y

Proud to be going local today for this Some Kind of Awesome Premiere. Today NYC-based alt-pop powerhouse Stalking Gia has unveiled her brand new single, “PTSD”, an infectious poptastic little number that touches upon the aftermath of an emotionally traumatic experience. Gonna be honest, it’s been wild to watch Stalking Gia climb the ranks since the first time I saw her open for Dragonette at Bowery Ballroom back in 2015. Fast forward to present day where the songstress will be supporting blackbear at The Red Rocks Amphitheater this very night! That was almost 3 years ago to the day.

In addition to opening for blackbear tonight, “PTSD” is the first release from her upcoming project, which was executive produced by blackbear and released on his label, beartrap. As you’ll recall, the two met collaborating on blackbear’s “Digital Druglord” album with his song “Wish You The Best,” which sampled Gia’s “Second Nature”. The two have highly anticipated duet, “Miracles”, which will be on her forthcoming EP which drops later this year.

I’m so excited to see what this new era of Gia brings! She’s certainly earned all the good things coming to her!

[SKOA Premiere] Findlay - "Off & On" (Romare Remix)

We introduced you to Manchester's Findlay last September via her track "You Gave Me Grace", and since then we've been eager to get more raw sounding material from her in your face blues. Her latest single, "Off & On", is every bit as great as we'd expected and today we've got a great little treat to offer up to you guys. It's a mind boggling remix of that track from Romare, who you may of heard of via his great sounding remix of Alt-J's "Breezeblocks".

Taking the original and cutting it up into smaller portions, he warps the foot stomping track into a frenzy of chopped samples and dance inducing early morning club sounds. The kind of early morning sounds you'll find yourself rocking back and forth after a few too many beers at 4am, except the rocking is brought on entirely by Romare's remix. Wonderful stuff, and perfect for your Tuesday afternoon. Grab yourselves the free download below.

For more information about the wonderful Findlay, why not check out her official website, on which you can grab a download of "Off & On" in its original state.

[SKOA Premiere] Alan Wilkis - "Tracks and Traces" Feat. World War

The electronic pop mastermind Alan Wilkis returns and provides SKOA with the premiere of his new track "Tracks and Traces" featuring Biet Simkin aka World War off his long awaited upcoming album PRINTS set to release next Tuesday on all your favorite digital music sites (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.). This tune is another impressive piece from the upcoming collaborative album that features some of our favorite artists like The KickDrums, Paul Homes and Joywave. 

Check out the song below as well as the album's tracklist and make sure you pick up the album when it drops next week. Also, head over to Alan's Soundcloud page to check out exclusive non album cuts and remixes off the PRINTS album from the likes of RJD2, Spacebrother, The Kid Daytona & Rapper Big Pooh and more.


PRINTS Tracklisting

1. "Come and Go (feat. The KickDrums)"

2. "Stay Forever (feat. Paul Holmes)"

3. "Old-Fashioned Girl (feat. Joywave)"

4. "Tracks and Traces (feat. World War)"

[SKOA Premiere] Track-By-Track Through Biffy Clyro's New Album, 'Opposites' (Final Part)

All week we've been getting some exclusive videos from Scottish band Biffy Clyro in which they've been talking through their new album Opposites. We've already seen Simon, James and Ben talk about "The Thaw", "A Girl and His Cat", "Accident Without Emergency", and "Spanish Radio". Today we get their opinions and thoughts on album closer, "Picture A Knife Fight". You can check out the video clip above along with streaming the track in full below. I've had this album on repeat for months and it's the gift that just keeps on giving. Seriously.

Opposites is out now and we suggest you pick up a copy of it over here. The band are currently on a headline UK and Ireland tour and will soon be heading out on the road with Muse in North America come April. If you're Stateside, go check them out as you'll be seeing two of Britain's best live acts in one fantastic show.