[Watch] Trash Talk - "Burn Alive" (Official Video)

I wondered when this would be coming after seeing Lee Spielman regularly tweeting the High 5 Collective and now here we have it, a new visual for Trash Talk! To be expected from the H5C, this video for thefollow up to "Awake" is pretty kick ass and sees a group of youths kick the living crap out of some riot police after one of their own gets shot in the gut. The track titled "Burn Alive" is a rip-roaring 2 minutes of riff and will have you throwing shit around your office desk within seconds. Check it out above and don't blame me if you break something in the process.

This is the second track we've heard from Trash Talk's newly announced EP Awake which drops on 10/11/11 via True Panther Sounds. It's available for pre-order now so go do it after you've peeped the vid.

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