[Listen] Beck - "Paradisco" (Live Recording From 3/26/2009)

Remember yesterday when we hooked you up with a listen of that new Charlotte Gainsbourg song "Paradisco" that Beck wrote and produced for her upcoming album Stage Whisper? Well turns out that a few years back our friend with two turntables and a microphone actually tried the song out for himself at a show in Tokyo back on March 26, 2009 at Zepp Tokyo. While I'm a little biased as a Beck fanatic, I think I might like Gainsbourg's sexed up version of the song better. Of course now that I've listened to both a few times I can't help but hear twinges of "Cellphones Dead" + Modern Guilt in this newer version. It could just be me, though.

Beck-Paradisco by hamcane

Stage Whisper is out December 13th (December 5th in France).

Special thanks to the Beck superfans that out fangirl me every day over on Whiskeyclone.