[Download] Cee-Lo "The Ol' Sauseej (Broken Bells "The Ghost Inside" Parody)"

Oh Cee-Lo, I'm so glad that you have an odd sense of humor and that you are so tight with Danger Mouse, because it makes this parody of "The Ghost Inside" that much more amusing. Cee-Lo's version, "The Ol' Sauseej" is about, well, sausages. It starts of sounding like he's hungry and then you get the feeling that maybe talking about food made him a bit horny, as sausage takes on a different meaning in the second half of the song. Either way, we had a good laugh at it. If you like what you hear below you can download it over here

Cee-Lo - "The Ol' Sauseej" (Broken Bells "The Ghost Inside" Parody) by Some Kind of Awesome