[Watch] Patrick Stump Perform New Solo Material For Rolling Stone Live

Patrick Stump is best known for being the singer from Fall Out Boy who remained predominantly quiet at their live shows and letting his singing voice do the talking as bravado infused pete went talked the fans into a frenzy. As FOB have pretty much called it quits indefinitely we've seen Pete start a new project in the shape of Black Cards, stepping away from the pop punk foundations he'd laid down going for a more electro pop sound.

Patrick however has stuck with what he knows best and picked up an acoustic guitar and premiered some brand new songs for Rolling Stone from Soul Punk, his first album as a solo artist, along with a nice cover of Tom Waits' "Step Right Up". Check out "As Long As I Know I'm Getting Paid" at the top and the rest of the tracks after the jump along with an interview, which gives you a nice insight as to what expect. 

"Love Selfish Love"


"Step Right Up" (Tom Waits Cover)