[Listen] Cold War Kids - Live At The Wireless 12/31/2010

We've been asking our readers on Facebook and Twitter, about what they love about the site and what they would like to see more of. One of the replies back was that they would like to see more live shows on the site. So since we love you guys so much, we're going to bring back more live show streams and (good quality) bootlegs for you guys to enjoy! Sound good? Cool. Make sure you let us know, what else you guys would love to see more in the links above. But enough chatter for now, lets get into the goods.

Our good friends over at Triple J have posted the Cold War Kids New Years Eve show from the Falls Festival in Lorne, for their Live At The Wireless series. This peformance previewed material from the band's already released third album 'Mine Is Yours as well as some old favorites. Click here to listen to the show and peep the tracklist below.

01. Mexican Dogs
02. Finally Begin
03. Royal Blue
04. Red Wine Success
05. Louder Than Ever
06. Santa Ana Winds
07. Hang Me Up To Dry
08. Dreams Old Men Dream
09. Skip the Charades
10. Audience
11. I've Seen Enough
12. Hospital Beds
13. We Used To Vacation