[Listen] Foo Fighters Show From Cologne 2/28/11 (Full Set)


Foo Fighters have been doing some awesome hype building and promo for their new album, Wasting Light, online teasers, the awesome "White Limo", the new single "Rope", an NME Show and a string of small shows in clubs across the states and one in London. Today though, if you weren't lucky enough to have been at on eof these shows we have a full show they did for 1Live, a radio station from Cologne. The gig was for lucky winners of Radio contests and from a select few websites, and it's capacity was only 600. You can hear the full show below and for the set list look no further than after the jump.

As with a lot of these small club shows that Foo's have been playing, they played the new record in its entirity followed by a host of fan favourites from their back catalogue.  Correction: The Foos previewed 4 new tunes from their upcoming record and also played some fan favorites.

Foo Fighters will release their seventh album, Wasting Light is set for release on April 12th. Get excited!



01. Bridge Burning

02. All My Life

03. Times Like These

04. White Limo

05. Learn To Fly

06. My Hero

07. Up In Arms

08. Long Road To Ruin

09. Rope

10. Generator

11. The Pretender

12. Enough Space

13. Cold Day In The Sun

14. Stacked Actors

15. These Days

16. Breakout

17. Skin And Bones

18. Monkey Wrench

19. Hey, Johnny Park

20. Everlong