[Watch] Chris Martin Covers Oasis Track "Wonderwall" at Secret Show

Last night, fresh off a plane from New York Chris Martin of Coldplay fame stopped by a benefit show that had been put together by that lovable scamp, Simon Pegg. It was at the Boogaloo pub in Highgate and at the show he debuted a song from the new Coldplay album warning it may be a little off as he was jet lagged however. 

Chris then offered to the audience the chance to select which Coldplay track he performed next, a crowd member shouted out "Wonderwall" and per Radio One, he said "Ok I'll do it if you help me!?" The results can be seen up at the top thanks to a video upped by a lucky pub punter (mattjwalsh) last night.

Finishing up the night Simon Pegg joined Chris on stage to play harmonica on the Coldplay track "Green eyes". I wonder if any of the punters got lucky afte rthe show following the news yesterday that Coldplay fans are least likely to put out on a first date?