[Listen] Hear All 4 Songs From The Flaming Lips Gummi Skull USB

We know The Flaming Lips and Wayne Coyne aren't the kind of band to do things in the normal kind of way. remember when he made a poster from his own blood? Well yesterday Wayne announced that he'd personally delivered five Gummi skulls to Psych Explorations of the Future Heart at 4:20 and promised “hug and kiss all buyers“.

Inside these skulls were hidden USB's with a total of four new tracks inside! Eat a giant skull Gummi get new music? I like where this is going. The four tracks found inside the skull are entitled “Drug Chart”, “In Our Bodies Out of Our Heads”, “Walk With Me”, and “Hillary’s Time Machine Machine”. We have the tracks for you to listen to right kere on SKoA as chances are you weren't one of the people eating their way through a copius amount of Gummi yesterday. Although the munchies could of helped with it being 4/20.

Below you can listen to all four tracks. Check it all below and thanks to our buds CoS for the heads up on the tracks.

"Drug Chart"

"In Our Bodies, In Our Heads"

"Walk With Me"

"Hilary's Time Machine Machine"