[Download] Diskjokke - "Panutup"

I don't know what the heck is going on in Norway but I do not care. The electronic music that comes out of that country is RIDICULOUS!


From his upcoming album Sagara, out on Smalltown Supersound June 14th comes the single "Panutup", a song oozing in playful ambient sound by Diskjokke.


Sagara actually came about in 2009 when the Norweigan festival Øya Festival asked Diskjokke to do a one-off piece for them. He had the opportunity to travel wherever and work with whoever he wanted and found himself in Indonesia studying their traditional music and then essentially translated key elements from what he learned into electronic music into the album we are chatting about today.

Check out "Panutup" below. Tracklisting for the album is after the jump!

Diskjokke - Panutup by smalltownsupersound


Sagara Tracklisting:

1. Golotrok

2. Mandena

3. Sengon

4. Namida

5. Naïve

6. Panutup