[News] Odd Future Sign Record Deal. No, Seriously.

It was only a matter of time, let's be honest. With all the hype surrounding the collective of young talent and jokers they were sure to be picked up. If they didn't they could quite happily of kept the hype going and released their own tracks via their Tumblr page like they have for the past 2 years or so. Today news has come though that Tyler, The Creator and Co aka Odd Future have secured a real deal. Not a one album deal like Tyler had with XL and Fat Possum but a record deal and not only that they've done it on THEIR terms. Props guys. They will put out music  Sony's RED music label, a label that is mostly in the business of helping smaller labels distribute their music from said label. This means that Odd Future controls the Odd Future label. Their music, their way. Dope. Check out the statement from their management below:

“It’s based on getting the distribution deal we’ve always envisioned that allows the group to “sign themselves” to their own company and keep their masters. They will have 100% creative control of all aspects of their music, art, and release schedule with no 3rd party participation in outside business. Freedom and ownership was the whole point. Red and Sony know that its in everyone’s best interest to maintain the group’s authenticity and control. They built it, they deserve it. There’s no cheesy hooks or fluorescent liquor product placements in the works.. It’s about to be fun.. and different.. “

Good news? Let's see what these guys can do with some backing from a major huh? Not just that but via their own friikin' label! Kudos guys and girl.