[Listen] Patrick Stump - "Explode"

Former Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has delivered yet another dance worthy poptastic track. This new one, "Explode" details his sentiments on his upcoming solo album, Soul Punk. "If this is it, I wanna go out with a bang," he belts with conviction. Apparently this is an all or nothing kinda situation for Stump, so best of luck to him.

I gotta admit, with every track that drops I find this new solo approach growing on me. It's taken awhile, but I think he may have something there as long as he eases off the production a little bit. Then again, we ARE talking about the dude who fronted a band notorious for their pro-tools heavy punk-esque pop.

No word yet on when Soul Punk is due to drop, but you can bet we'll have the scoop once we have the details.