[Download & Listen] Cassette's Wont Listen - "Perfect Day" x "The Echoes"

We love Jason Drake aka Cassette's Wont Listen! Apparently, actor Kevin Spacey doesn't share the same sentiments. Drake recently announced that he will be releasing his upcoming LP KEVINSPACEY on June 21st. Unfortunately, the award winning actor wasn't pleased with the use of his name and issued Drake with cease and desist. However, much like us ;), this wasn't the first time CWL has been hit with a C&D. Back in 2008 CWL was served with a cease and desist from the RIAA (booooooooo!) for his Guns N Roses / Ludacris mashup titled Ludacris Democracy which was later removed from his site and left for the savviest Googlers to track down.

But don't worry, unlike his mashup, this little hiccup isn't going to slow down the release of CWL's upcoming album as Drake has remedied the issue by re-titling the album's name to, EVINSPACEY! How perfect. And to celebrate the new title announcement, CWL is offering a free download for the album's single "Perfect Day" as well as the recently released track "The Echoes." which an instrumental version of the song was previewed on the video teaser for the upcoming album.

Check out both tracks in their respected players after the jump and if you love them both oh so much and you want to show your support, they are both available to purchase on iTunes. You can also hear another track "Stuck" from CWL upcoming album here and if that isn't enough for you we also recently premiered the new video for the track "The Vision" by The Freeze Tag which is a collaboration of Brooklyn MC Bisco Smith with production from Cassettes Won't Listen.

EVINSPACEY drops June 21st via Daylight Curfew. Head here to preorder.

"Perfect Day"

"The Echoes"