[Listen] Kasabian - "Switchblade Smiles"

They're back! And was it worth the few years silence. Last week we got to see some studio footage of the boys and get a little insight into what was to come. Today Kasabian have made a triumphant return. Following up their 2009 album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum they have let loose the track titled "Switchblade Smiles". It's an interesting track, which for the first 60 seconds has an electro feel before you are jolted back to consciousness by the drums which kick in and the rest is history. Quite literally. The track is to put it simply a bold statement from the band. From start to finish the track demands your attention, firstly because of the keyboard/synth riff at the start, then when the heavily distorted bass riff kicks in along with the prior mentioned drums, straight away you know it's on. Check it out below via the official Kasabian Soundcloud page which just popped up. Convenient. 

Switchblade Smiles by kasabian