[Listen] Lady Gaga - "Yoü And I" (Wild Beasts Remix)

It's not often you find a Lady Gaga related post gracing the face of SKoA, but it's not everyday you see a small UK band from Kendal in the middle of nowhere being asked to officially remix the biggest musician alive today is it?! Wild Beasts have turned Gaga's latest single "Yoü And I" into a slow jam that's distant drum sound and rumbling bass lines are far away from the original over the top record Gaga had created. Hayden Thorpe of the band said that: “Gaga in many ways is the epitome of what we are not. She is the butcher to our butter knife. The essential thrill is always to keep eluding what is expected of us and what we expect of ourselves." Check out the official, albeit unlikely remix below.

The remix is also helping raise awareness to the ways people can support independent labels that lost stock in the Pias UK warehouse fire. More information on that can be found over at the AIM website.