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[Listen] Beck - "Stormbringer" (John Martyn cover)

My heart is swelling as I write this. YOU GUYS, THERE IS A NEW BECK SONG IN THE WILD!

FakeBeck, the man who outstalks Beck better than I wish I could, has managed to dig up this John Martyn cover that he did of "Stormbringer" that's really been transformed in a way that only Beck could do to make it his own. It's very reminiscent of "Ramona" with a twinge of Sea Change mixed in. Fader previously reported that a tribute album for John Martyn (who passed away in 2009) was in the works and will be coming out on August 16th. and this track is the first on the album! Other artists that will be on the tribute album include: Snow Patrol, Robert Smith, Beth Orton, The Swell Season, Devendra Banhart, and many more.

Needless to say, my eyes are watery, my heart is happy and you will be soon as well.

Have a listen to "Stormbringer" below and feel free to gush away with me in the comments!

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