[Watch] Muse Highlights From Reading Festival 2011

Over the Summer numerous festivals come and go, one off appearances and big collaborations are common. A band playing what is thought by many of their fans to be their best work is also a rare occasion. (Think back to Queens of the Stone Age who did the same with their self-titled earlier in the year.) Three guys from Devon, Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard aka Muse released their landmark album Origin of Symmetry in 2001. Featuring tracks that almost all music fans will know, most notably would be "Plug In Baby". Album opener "New Born" was a hard hitting bass and fuzz filled guitar riff paired with soft verses and opened the gateway for the album that led into a barrage of riffs and hard hitting bass lines.

10 years later and the band play two huge shows at Reading and Leeds Festival playing Origin of Symmetry front to back before an array of greatest hits and fan favourites. With OOS featuring some tracks that the band rarely ever play live anyway, "Citizen Erased" and "Screenager" for example, the shows were HUGE. 

I must admit, before I saw Muse i na live setting I wasn't a fan. Fast forward to 2005 and Leeds Festival, I witness 3 men on stage making more noise than I thought humanly possible. 6 years later I am a fan and to see them step on stage with a one off set to perform Origin of Symmetry in full was a humbling moment. A definate highlight of my summer 2011 and no doubt it was for many fans alike. So I present to you, highlights of Muse's set from the Bank Holiday weekend little under a month ago. Love 'em or hate 'em they definitely spark something a little special when they're in a live environment.