[Download] Sunbears! - "Give Love A Try"

It's Friday! We're throwing a CMJ show! It's a very happy day in SKOA land, so why not crank out a happy jam or three?

Straight out of Jacksonville, FL comes Sunbears! with their first single from their upcoming debut album You Will Live Forever out via New Granada Records on November 22. "Give Love A Try" is a sparkling number that will send your heart soaring into bright puffy clouds with sunshine peeking around them.

You'd like to think with the kind of harmonies and breathtaking orchestral arrangements that this has to be a band of Polyphonic Spree size, but it's actually a duo packing that much punch! That's right, since 2008, Jonathan Berlin and Jared Bowser have been going big with very little, wowing audiences everywhere they go.


Don't you just want to dance around hugging everyone when you listen to this!?!

Sunbears! - Give Love A Try by goldestegg