[Watch] Scissor Sisters - "Shady Love" Feat. Azealia Banks (Official Video)


Jake Shears and Co are readying the follow up to their 2010 album Night Work, and whilst that might be untitled, Scissor Sisters have returned with a brand new track titled "Shady Love". The track features some club like beats as well as some rapping from Shears but after a few listens I can't get it out of my head?! I don't know if that's a good thing or not just yet but they're back. It also features the lady of the moment (no, not Lana), Azealia Banks. Peep the newly released video at the top which is kind of cute featuring some school kids acting out the track. The members of the audience seem less than underwhelmed though, but props to the overly happy Grandma on piano, she's loving the "Shady Love".