[Listen] Kenna - "Politics (prod. by RJD2)"

I don't know why Kenna has been sitting on this track for so long. No doubt that since Election Day here in the US is around the corner the timing is fitting, so I guess I'm staring at the answer write in the face. Either way, it could not have come at a better time for me, considering how rough this week has been for me and everyone in New York City.

"Politics", produced by RJD2 and featuring Joanna Levesque on backing vocals, is poised, powerful, and earnest. Through the muck of vapidity that has been slowly trying to devour the music industry, Kenna rises to the occasion and delivers a performance with the sophistication from his New Sacred Cow days. It speaks to all of us who are so burnt out on what politics and much of our society has become. As you carefully focus in on the actual words coming out of Kenna's mouth, it's hard not to agree with the majority of what he's saying (and I say majority only because I haven't spent days dissecting through the song at multiple levels). The delicate phrasing and tenderness in his voice for this track and throughout the rest of his catalog are where Kenna shines the brigthest. Having said all of that, RDJ2's contribution to this is equally as important to the equation. Despite the obvious minor synthetic tweaks, the overall feel of the song is very warm and organic. This song leaves me daydreaming of what a whole album with this kind of approach would sound like. Maybe not necessarily all at this subdued state, but you know what? You definitely wouldn't hear me complaining.

Land To Air Chronicles II: Imitation Is Suicide, the second of the three part EP series is due out at the end of this month (November). After hearing this song, saying that I'm incredibly anxious for it to drop would be an understatement.