[Listen] Some Early Demos from Rage Against The Machine

A few years ago when the UK decided to stick it to X Factor and get Rage Against the Machine to Number One for Christmas I don't think anyone would believe it'd lead to them doing a come back show and so many more shows on the back of it. The band are set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut with Rage Against the Machine – XX. The package will come packaged as a deluxe box set that compiles early concert footage, an original demo tape, and footage from their aforementioned come-back show June 2010 at Finsbury Park. Today why not take a listen to three early versions of some tracks in the form of "Bullet in the Head", "Freedom" and "Mindset's a Threat" below via Spin/Noisecreep

Rage Against the Machine - XX will hit stores on the 27th of November and you can pre-order the reissue at www.RATM.com.