[SKOA Premiere] Mesita - "Everything Is Burning"

Mesita, the solo project of Denver, Colorado musician James Cooley, is gearing up for the release of his brand new LP The Coyote, a culmination of his musical endeavors. Each song Mesita releases is a fantastic blend of subtle synthesizers, calming guitar riffs and ethereal vocals, such as his recently released "You or the City," or, in the case of songs such as "The Coyotes," the musician shows that he can bring a ton of energy to his music.

Whether it is through subtlety or outright energy, Mesita has a knack for grabbing your attention and engrossing you in a world of instrumentation. In either case, the release of The Coyote couldn't come sooner, and SKOA is proud to premiere a brand new track from the forthcoming album titled "Everything Is Burning." In the Mesita canon, the six-minute song is lyrically one of darkest and deepest tracks yet to come from the artist, with a tale of loss and searching encapsulated in a shell of spine-tingling vocals, percussion and beautifully layered guitar riffs. The final three-and-a-half minutes of the song are particularly striking as the song alluringly descends from a powerful percussion and vocal driven climax. When speaking of the song itself, this is what Mesita had to say:

This song is about getting through, keeping up working on even when things seem dark, difficult, meaningless, or overwhelming. It's about trusting yourself to stand up and soldier on when it seems you're outnumbered, when it feels like you're flawed somehow, when you lose something you fought so hard for, when the old standards in place just won't budge, or when it all starts to get dark and hope fades. Sort of an attempt in a long line of them to find calm in chaos and meaning in nothingness. It's the centerpiece to the album and a song that I've been working on since moving to a new place back last October. Also, I was also playing some free online poker when preparing the final mix and somehow won a hand with four of a kind, it was awesome."

The Coyote is set for release in the first half of 2012, with the specific date to be decided. Below, you can listen to "Everything Is Burning," and after the jump you can read the lyrics for the beautiful track.

"Everything Is Burning" Lyrics:

seeing everything is burning 
dance all in the flames and fall in 
coughing up the blood that spills in 
losing hold a lasting spirit

once a prince and now is fading 
hopeless for the time spent caving 
fearing for a darker feeling 
chasing all the demons leering

when everything is 
everything is burning 
everything is 
an endgame waiting

loving something not returning 
searching for a left turn somewhere 
see a light into the distance 
keeping strong in its persistence

building for a better future 
chasing for a deeper meaning 
gaining all in newfound courage 
striking down the demons leering

when everything is 
everything is burning 
everything is 
an endgame waiting