[Listen] Beck - "Looking For A Sign"

What have we had from Beck in recent years? A great soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, contribution to the Twilight movies, production credits on the likes of Stephen Malkmus, Thurston Moore, Charlotte Gainsbourg too. Well today we can add another new track to that list although it comes via another movie release. The all new track is titled "Looking for a Sign" and appears in the film Jeff Who Lives at Home. Out buddies over at 107.7 The End have a stream of the track up for your listening pleasure. The acoustic guitar work is lovely and it's always great to have some new Beck, just ask Kibbe! So why not add some new music to your life this humpday and head over to iTunes to grab the track.

With him doing all these tracks and summer slots at festivals could more new Beck material be on the cards this year? Time will tell.