[Interview] Example Sets His Eyes On The US, Dishes About Album Number Three

Photo credit: Mark Burstiner

In practically every other country other than the United States, Example is considered a world renown musician, with his album debuting at #1 in the UK and charting in Australia, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland and Switzerland. Just like the many global musicians that have come before him, however, the US has not taken to the Playing In The Shadows singer... yet. Being inside of the US, it's hard for me to understand why it's so difficult for my fellow Americans to pick up on an artist like Example who can crank out such danceable tunes like "Won't Go Quietly", "Kickstarts", "Stay Awake" or his current single at American radio, "Changed The Way You Kissed Me". Hopefully this is about to change very soon. 

Two weeks ago at Gramercy Theater in New York City I had the privilege of not only catching his first show in America. I have to admit, I wasn't completely sold on Playing In The Shadows until I was at this show. The intensity of the highly catchy dance music thumping in your chest paired with the way that Example is able to command an audience to dance until their feet are ready to fall off at the show was finally what won me over for the album. In addition to catching the memorable set, I was able to sit down with Mr. Elliot Gleaves himself prior to the performance and pick at his brain for a little bit about his obsession with America, the struggles of slowly tackling the worldwide dance scene one city at a time, his unique approach to writing songs, some details about his upcoming fourth album and much more.