[Listen] Twin Shadow - "Five Seconds"

Twin Shadow's 2010 debut Forget was easily one of the most memorable albums that year, with George Lewis Jr. carving out such a unique identity with his new wave grooves. Now, the New York musician has announced his follow up to Forget, titled Confess, which is set for release on July 10th via 4AD. Along with the announcement is a brand new song titled "Five Seconds," which shows off how Twin Shadow has developed in the two years since his debut. Lewis' newest outing is an uptempo jam that sees him embracing the '80s and putting his own twist on it, with flanging guitars abound and wistful, wailing vocals. The song, which you can stream and download below, shows gives a great deal of promise for Twin Shadow's forthcoming sophomore LP.

As well, after the jump, you can take a look at the tracklisting for the forthcoming LP.

Confess Track list:
01 “Golden Light”
02 “You Call Me On”
03 “Five Seconds”
04 “Run My Heart”
05 “The One”
06 “Beg For The Night”
07 “Patient”
08 “When The Movie’s Over”
09 “I Don’t Care”
10 “Be Mine Tonight”

Bonus: “Mirror In The Dark”