[Listen] Muse - "Survival"

As announced earlier, Muse have just premiered the first single from their forthcoming album The 2nd Law. It's titled "Survival" and is out now, it's also been named as the official song of the London 2012 Olympics. Zane Lowe premiered the track on Radio One along with a pre-lude. Following the album tease which featured a bit of dubstep "Survival" delivers an interesting big sounding piano intro before the finger clicks and high pitched vocal beat kicks in. Layers of vocals build up on top of Matt's voice and then the guitar riff drops. A mid song solo pairs up with Chris' bass line nicely and the drums are pretty damn big. Enough chat. Hit play below to hear a the Devon trio's first track in a while. It's nice to have them back and hey, no dubstep! Jump over to 107.7 The End for the stream.

The 2nd Law is released on September the 17th.

UPDATE: We've just got the official stream via Warner. Check it out right here on SKoA below.