[Watch] Muse Announce New Album: 'The 2nd Law'

Muse have announced that their new album is entitled The 2nd Law, and it will be released on the 16th of September, 2012. They've also posted up a trailer which features music from a track called "Entropy". The track is not what I expected and could be called dubstep after a big string arrangement. It sounds like Matt messing around with his Zvex Fuzz Factory and Kaoss Pad to an extreme which he often does in a life setting. Rumours have also started circling around about a tour announcement later this month.

Dom has also tweeted stating the abum is to feature "Fat beats and riffs..." so this may or may not be a good representation of what's to come.

@Dominic_Howard playing the new Muse tracks.Sounding f-ing awesome.Fat beats&riffs but not in the tired old rock format.Sick.

Watch this space for more info in the coming week.