[Sunday Pickup] Watch The Black Keys Perform Live at Emo's, Austin in 2003 (Full Set)

Today The Black Keys are one of the biggest bands on the planet and they sell out arenas on a daily basis, and rightly so. They've toured relentlessly for a decade and recorded seven studio albums. The last two of which launched them into the stratosphere of rock royalty. Brothers and El Camino both made our top of the year lists in 2010 and 2011 respectively. I personally began my love affair with the band in 2009 on a hot summer's day, one of those days where there's absolutely no wind and the heat just sits there waiting to pounce leaving you practically immobile for the effort it takes. I was on Last.FM browsing through recommendations and I saw this two-piece from Ohio appear. I click through to the page and hit play and my mind was immediately blown. The raw sound pumping through the speakers in my sweaty little bedroom would change my musical outlook for the months to come. 

I immediately set my sights on gaining their entire back-catalogue. At the time I lived in a pretty nice converted house in the top floor apartment in which I had a skylight that you could climb up out of and onto the flat roof of the building. I remember listening to The Big Come Up repeatedly for the next week or so, "The Breaks" became and early leader in my favourite tracks from the band and remains that way to this day. As I delved deeper into the catalogue I found myself listening to very little else but the band for a good three months. 

I'd go on to fall in love with Magic Potion which still gets heavy play from me on a bi-weekly basis but earlier this week when browsing the net, the video you can watch at the top caught my eye. An entire set from Dan and Patrick performing at Emo's in Austin, Texas back in 2003, half a year after they'd released Thick Freakness and I was once again taken back to that sweaty, hot summer up on my roof in 2009. This band will forever take me back to that summer and the mind-set I had back then and that's why I love them. That's why I love music. It holds sentimental value and can instantly transport you back to a place you've been.

Check out the performance at the top of the page which was filmed as part of Jumper Productions "Texas Bootleg" Concert Series. You can check out the set-list below but prepare for some fuzzy guitar goodness from The Black Keys when you hit play. Turn it up LOUD. Annoy your neighbours, it's Sunday, they won't mind.

Set List:
Hard Row, Thickfreakness, Busted, Them Eyes, Breaks, Set You Free, Do The Rump, I'll Be Your Man, Have Love Will Travel, No Trust, No Fun.
Everywhere I Go & Heavy Soul.