[Listen] Dinosaur Pile-Up - "Lip Hook Kiss"

Dinosaur Pile Up are back and they're planning on releasing a new album, Nature Nurture, the follow up to 2010's debut Growing Pains. The Leeds band have had a few line-up changes in between but that's not slowed them down. If new track "Lip Hook Kiss" is anything to go on then sign me up for a copy of the new LP right god damn now 'cos it's a fuzzy beast of a jaunt. No doubt that if you're in the UK this coming year you'll have plenty of chances to catch these guys on the road but for now why not stop what you're doing. Turn up your speakers and hit play. 

Like what you hear? Why not jump on over to their official website to grab yourself a cheeky free download too. Don't say we never give you anything.