[SKOA Premiere] Bedroom - "In my Head"

Bedroom, the bedroom-born project of Nashville resident Noah Kittinger, has been featured numerous times on SKOA ever since he appeared on our radar almost one year ago, and for good reason. Although still a high school student, Bedroom's sound and talent is beyond his years. Kittinger consistently impresses, employing a diverse array of sounds and inspirations that encapsulate the atmospheric haziness and angst many of us felt yet maintaining a cohesion that grounds the sounds in reality. Through reverbed vocals with guitar in hand, the young artist draws you in to his simple yet engaging compositions, and his latest single "In my Head" does not stray from that formula, a formula that he has proven and solidified. As always, we are pleased to premiere the newest release from Bedroom's growing catalogue.

Beginning with a solitary, sullen acoustic guitar riff, "In my Head" is simple in its execution, and it is in this that it works so well. Kittinger's vocals drift in and out seamlessly, as if in a dream-like trance, with echoing synthesizers pulling your attention deeper into the song; "In my Head" exemplifies what Bedroom does best. Stream the song below, and head over to Bedroom's SoundCloud page or Bandcamp page to download the track for free.