[Watch] Arctic Monkeys - "R U Mine" & "Snap Out Of It" Live on Jools Holland

It's probably fair to say that Arctic Monkeys are the biggest UK band of the past 10 years? I open the floor for your take on it but seeing them go from tiny clubs in Sheffield up the road from where I grew up to them now, this very evening, headlining to 23,000 people at Manchester Arena 5 minutes from where I currently live as an adult, it's pretty crazy. The Sheffield boys done good were guests on last night's mid week episode of Later... with Jools Holland on which they played my (still) favourite track of the past few years "R U Mine" and album track "Snap Out Of It". Having come through the awkward stages of being thrust into the lime-light at a young age, the Yorkshire band seem to have blossomed into arena dominating live machines that deliver on point performances night-on-night. 

Their new album AM is out now and it's a treat of maturity and development from a band that once sang about getting pissed in local clubs and getting beaten up by bouncers. As an added hump-day bonus you can check out an acoustic performance of "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" that was uploaded yesterday over here.

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