[Listen] Stream RJD2's New Single "Her Majesty’s Socialist Request"

RJD2 described the sounds on his upcoming fifth album More Is Than Isn't as "ranging from subdued jazz-tinged pieces to bombastic club music, and a lot of funk in between." Want to hear an example of this? "Her Majesty's Socialist Request" is the first piece we've heard off the LP and it brings a lot of different influences to the table. The offering spins an elaborate web of sounds, from gritty guitar riffs to Middle Eastern Ney flute to intricate, glitchy synthesizers to jazz piano. It's pretty inconsistent, unsure of where it wants to go, but it's worth hearing how RJ weaves this instrumental number together.

More Is Than Isn't is out on October 8th.

More Is Than Isn’t Tracklist:
01. Suite 1
02. Temperamental feat. Phonte Coleman
03. Behold, Numbers!
04. Her Majesty’s Socialist Request
05. A Lot of Night Ahead of You
06. Bathwater feat. P. Blackk
07. Milk Tooth
08. Suite 2
09. Winter Isn’t Coming
10. See You Leave feat. STS and Khari Mateen
11. Got There, Sugar?
12. Love and Go feat. Aaron Livingston
13. Descended From Myth
14. Dirty Hands
15. It All Came To Me In A Dream feat. Blueprint
16. Suite 3